Electronic Monitoring Software

Electronic Monitoring System

Always be 100% sure that all of your clients receive the care you provide but more importantly be in control when they don’t.

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We have developed our own electronic monitoring system that seamlessly links with our home care software package, allowing your carers to log their arrival and departure times from your service users homes.

Automated Home Care Monitoring

Our electronic monitoring software allows you to accept both answered and unanswered calls depending on the information you need from your home carers.

Answered: The carer would ring a dedicated number once they have arrived at the service users home, they will then be prompted to key in their unique pin number for the system to determine if it is the correct home carer rostered to do that visit, alternatively the system can also accept a different carer but will produce a report detailing the change in carer. The only charge incurred is that from the telephone network. A freephone number can be used ensuring the client is not charged.

Unanswered: As above but this time the carer will let the phone ring 2/3 times and then hang up, our system has logged the call and no charge has been incurred. Our home care clients have had this system in place for over 5 years allowing them to react quickly to any missed visits that may occur and reducing the risk of a service user not receiving their care.

We also provide the eziTrakerhm and CM2000 call monitoring solutions.

eziTrackerhm / CM2000

eziTrackerhm / CM2000 are the leading electronic homecare monitoring services used by Independent Homecare Providers and recommended by many Local Authorities. They are both increasingly becoming a must have service for any organisation responsible for the commissioning or the provision of domiciliary care.

They are fully hosted; Web enabled electronic monitoring solutions providing accurate, real-time care visit data via the internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do away with paper time sheets and allow your customers to electronically log analyse and report on home care delivery, ensuring a cost effective and quality assured home care service.

Accredited Training Courses

Tagtronics Care comes with Level 1 and level 2 software accredited training courses as standard. All our courses are designed for up to 5 employees and our accredited training courses provide the following benefits:

  • Consistency in use of Tagtronics Care Software across the whole organisation
  • Benchmarks to confirm that best practice and efficiency is being undertaken
  • Increased motivation of your staff by giving them confidence in using your new system

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