Home Care Rostering Software

We can help you save time with your rotas/invoices/payroll

Our Homecare Scheduling Software that is proven to help Homecare Agencies in the day to day running of their business.

Tagtronics has developed their Homecare Software for the past 16 years and they currently have over 600 existing clients, making them one of the most established providers in the market. They have developed their software with all aspects of the care sector in mind and have helped companies like yours to replace the endless trail of paper.

Tagtronics Software allows all of your company’s important functions to be accessible in one central place for ease of access by all your staff.

Features and Benefits of our Homecare Rostering Package:

  • Easy to use Windows based software
  • Automate Payroll/ Invoicing
  • Easily integrated with a number of accounts packages
  • Takes care of holidays/sickness/ training / recruitment
  • Calculate mileage payments
  • Simple integration with 3rd party monitoring systems

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Home care management system

This home care management system takes care of all carers training, application and recruitment process, supervision reviews, appraisals, CRB expiries, holidays and sickness, therefore ensuring the best match carer attends the home visit.

The system assists you in service user reviews, respite and care plans and ultimately provides a fully comprehensive list of reports required by Social Services, Care Standards and CQC.

Our home care rostering software has also helped our clients with their inspections. This now allows your staff to be more efficient and focus on what you do best, which is providing home care for your clients.

We have recently added the ability to calculate carers contracted hours and highlight the fact if someone has gone over their hours for the week. Our unique mileage application gives you the advantage of allocating the nearest carer from their previous visit as well as calculating mileage and expenses.

Our unique invoicing option then allows you to produce invoices for both private clients and local authority with no limit to the number of invoice rates, customisable values or timeframes.

Our unique payroll option calculates all pay rates by the number of hours worked to produce the gross wage totals of all your staff.

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Accredited Training Courses

Tagtronics Care comes with Level 1 and level 2 software accredited training courses as standard. All our courses are designed for up to 5 employees and our accredited training courses provide the following benefits:

  • Consistency in use of Tagtronics Care Software across the whole organisation
  • Benchmarks to confirm that best practice and efficiency is being undertaken
  • Increased motivation of your staff by giving them confidence in using your new system

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