Check Call System

Automatic Check Calls, Booking Your Guards On and Off Patrols

When your guard arrives on site they call a dedicated number which will initially book themselves on to the shift, our Check Call system then automatically creates a series of check calls to your specification ensuring your security guard is continuing to patrol.

One final call will confirm the guard has booked off and completed the patrol safely.

Ensure Guard is on Correct Site

Our established Check Call system also allows the guard to input their own unique pin number ensuring the appropriate guard is on the correct site.

If for any reason a call parameter is missed the system can notify you in a number of different ways making sure you can quickly establish what has happened at site or to the guard.

Check Call System Main Features

  • Incoming caller pin number validation to detect calls from undesignated phone numbers
  • Record and deliver voice messages to your workforce
  • Lone worker protection

Check Call Benefits

  • Call logging processed automatically, freeing up staff working hours
  • Create electronic timesheets from reports
  • Verifies lone worker Safety
  • Customised periodic and planned check calls
  • Real time workforce management
  • Link reports to invoicing and payroll for accurate billing
  • No call cost facility

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