AMG Case Study

AMG is a one-to-one care service for anybody who wishes to remain in their own home, whether they require minimal support through to complex nursing-led support. A direct alternative to residential care, our highly trained carers have been enabling our customers to remain at home since 1983.

We provide an efficient and friendly service to aid independence and quality of life, making sure that our customers are at the centre of everything we do.


As a business we have managed to achieve continuity throughout our branch network by transferring all our scheduling systems over to Tagtronics. This is a great benefit to us when providing support and training if we need to rely on cover from other branches.

The features of Tagtronics system allow our office staff to complete their job requirements without difficulty. This in turn has improved efficiencies throughout all job roles within the company, not only reducing costs but also saving valuable time in a busy working environment.

Tagtronics have been fantastic in supporting our company over the past few years and our account manager has been a pleasure to work with, assisting with any issues we throw his way.

We have encountered a few obstacles when moving from our previous service provider, and Tagtronics took this on as one of their own problems as well. This was an enormous help for us to be able to use their support as an extra resource, and for that alone I would not hesitate to recommend Tagtronics to any other company.

Client Statement

Benefits Achieved

  • AMG came to us for their Burton branch initially and after a successful roll out added two more branches. They use our cloud solution.
  • We're now working with them to implement Tagtronics in all of their branches which is a total of: 8, after an agreement has been reached for a full company roll out.
  • We have been working together for the last 4 1/2 years.

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