The homecare sector is constantly evolving – and you want to maintain the highest standard of care.

That’s why we’re continually innovating to lift the standards and digital possibilities for care, helping you – the homecare frontline – to care better.

Since 2000, we’ve been developing software and apps to make caring easier for you – while saving time, money and resources.

Tagtronics’ systems put you in control – adapting to suit your current processes and procedures to make the shift to digital care as seamless as possible for you and your team.

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Homecare digital systems

Mobile app

A single, paperless platform for all of your carers’ needs.

Giving you a digital, real-time insight into all of your care data:

  • Rotas and shifts, with automatic updates
  • Daily logs and paperwork
  • MAR charts and medication monitoring
  • Existing care assessments

Giving you the tools to understand where your capacity lies and the opportunities for stronger organisation.

Our mobile apps are designed to reduce your admin time, increasing the time you have to focus on patient/serviceuser care – improving your quality of care and minimising mistakes.

It also offers real-time electronic call monitoring (ECM) and an in-built messaging platform.

How does it work?

Homecare management system

A digital system to integrate all of your employee management data.

Giving you complete visibility:

  • Carers training
  • Applications and recruitment
  • Supervision reviews
  • Appraisals
  • DBS expiries
  • Holidays and sickness.

Our homecare management system uses insights from all of your data to create continuity of care, ensuring the right carer is assigned to the right patient/service user – learning from history, preference and efficiency.

The system automatically generates the reports you need for Social Services, Care Standards, CQC and other care regulators – giving you full visibility of how you can improve quality of care, ahead of any audits.

With a number of different options – including automating payroll and invoices – you can reduce your admin time significantly – giving you the:

Time to drive forward standards of care

Insight to make critical care decisions.

Cloud-based solution

A digital system to integrate all of your employee management data.

Your homecare system can be accessed anywhere – whether you’re working in the office, at home or ‘on the go’ – all you need is an internet connection.

  • Automatic data backups
  • Secured and monitored servers
  • One database for multiple offices/users

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