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We are continually developing our Mobile App to add value to and innovate our solution. We do this to give you a cost-effective alternative to paper based processes that are currently cost the Care Industry both time and money.

We recently worked closely with several of our clients and found that on average 1 hour per carer, per week was spent on unnecessary administration.

Based on a standard hourly pay rate, this equates to a cost of:

£34.00 per carer, per month

When you compare this to the monthly cost of our mobile app at just

£5.00 per carer, per month

You can see why our clients are already recognising an immediate saving on just administration resources alone.

This is without taking into consideration how other processes can be streamlined and improved by implementing the additional functionality the app can offer you.

Tasks and Medication: Real-Time Monitoring

Do you know the Features & Benefits our App can offer?

Feature: Easily add or amend medication and receive real time notification of what medication has or has not been administered and when.

Benefit: This reduces the need to visit the client to update paper MARs charts and contributes to achieving a higher rating with CQC.

Feature: Visit feedback function allows carers to submit any incidents or concerns immediately, which can then be addressed by the office staff.

Benefit: Streamlines the communication between carer/office and removes the need to collect a written daily log.

Feature: Carer can submit feedback notes against each visit which is then visible to any subsequent carers.

Benefit: Allows for better communication between carers promoting continuity of care, whilst providing an improved level of support for your client.

Feature: Allocate tasks that a carer is required to complete during the visit; they will then confirm via the app whether each task has been completed or not.

Benefit: This prevents staff from having to spend unnecessary time handwriting  notes, which ultimately allows them to dedicate more time to your clients.

Feature: Receive notifications by email to highlight any anomalies arising from the visit.

Benefit: Allows you to immediately process any concerns.

Real-Time ECM System

Monitoring of arrival and departure times

Carers can scan QR codes at your client’s home at the expected times for arrival/departure. This data is then collected and sent back to your Tagtronics Care software in real-time, notifying you of any missed visits. If there is no signal at the premises the scan is stored and sent as soon as a signal is available, this is then matched with the time of logging in and not when the scan is sent.

Rotas and Automatic Updates

Rotas and service user details sent to your staffs' mobile phones automatically from your Tagtronics system:

It highlights any changes to rotas in real-time and notifies your staff of any additions or cancellations etc.It gives staff the ability to see who else is working with them on visits, as well as any relevant visit notes.

Digital versions of your existing Care Assessments

Monitoring of arrival and departure times:

Go paperless and reduce admin by utilising a digital version of your existing care assessments. Through the app, staff are now able to view care assessments for individual service users, providing key information about their specific requirements. Accessing care assessments through our app also helps with compliance, as your staff will always be working with the most up-to-date version.

Built-in Messaging Platform

Send messages between App users and/or Coordinators using the Tagtronics system in the office.Build message templates that can automatically pull through all visit info from your software, helping you to save time in covering your schedule.No additional message costs - all messages are sent and received via your mobile data/internet connection.

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